Our Team

Jose Andres Pinto (Guide and Instructor): Passionate about motorcycling and andventure travelling, beggining at a young age and been formed by a diversity of sports until he experience motorcycling, an enduro rider formed by the mountains of Guatemala and the great mountain range of the Andes in Chile, also by thousands of kilometers travelled in south american lands like: Chile, Bolivia and Perú here´s where he got the experience to become a qualified guide and instructor.

Jose del Busto (Guíde and Marketing):
Another who shares its passion about motorcycling, there´s no doubt he´s an important person for our company, because of his experience in foreign countries he have been able to sell our tours out of Guatemalan lands, without any doubt a person on who you can count on critical moments of any adventure, but at the end of the day definetly someone to share and interesting conversation.

Roberto Moreira (Driver and Mechanic): Our dear ¨Robertio¨ that how we call him on a loving way, he is the driver of our suppor vehicle, been already our support through thousands of kilometers in Guatemala have gained the experience to take good care of our motorcycle during any adventure and of course helping us taking care of our costumers.