From Scratch

Riding lessons designed for any person who wants to get the basic knowledge of handling a motorcycle, been confortable and in control of any motorcycle that has a engine less than 300 CC. This riding course has a runingtime of 9 horas divided in 3 days, each day 3 hours of classes.


Stage 1

Motorcycle description.
Right adjustment of the motocycle to the rider.
Weight and balance.
Right position to lift up the motocycle.
Correct riding position: head, hands, arms, body and feet.
Accelerator comprenhension.
Clutch comprenhension 1.
Gear shift comprenhension.
Learn how to ride.

This will be a day to uderstand the motorcycle and handle it, get the first riding experience and get used to it.

Stage 2

First day´s exercise practice.
Warm Up.
Paralells in circle.
Front and rear brake understanding and mixing both brakes.
Exercises with cones.
Balance and control exercises.
Engine brake.
Facing curves in a right and safe way.
Facing up hills and down hills in a safe way.

Stage 3

In this day we will be working on technique and handling of the motorcycle, we are gonna practice riding in the streets of the city.